Determinism In Unity

So I found a bug. Unity’s collisions aren’t replaying exactly the same between runs. This means that there are very slight errors in player position and player velocity. This normally isn’t an error but eventually it diverges enough to make a noticeable difference. This means I need to either figure out how to get Unity […]

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New build of game is out

A new build of the game has be uploaded. N0table features for this build include The player selection screen features ability previews for all characters Fixed a bug that let the assassin teleport outside the level Incorporated some new tiles, although they look pretty ugly at the moment Small balance and ability adjustments Ability previews […]

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Favor Small Components in Unity

A common mistake many developers make when making their first game is trying to cram too much functionality into a single class. This violates the single responsibility principle. When designing your classes they should only do one thing and do it well. A good rule is if you need to use the word ‘and’ to […]

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Battle Music

I’m excited to announce having new music for the game, even though I have had some music for a while now. I contracted a composer named Austin to make two tracks for the game. One for in game battle music called Steam Child. I’m super happy with how it turned out and it really gives […]

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New Game Build

I just uploaded a new build of the game. This build is beginning to incorporate the artwork I am getting. I have 6 characters with 3 abilities each that appear to be bug free, although it is horribly unbalanced. The next step is to really polish up the abilities and balance them into an entertaining […]

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Game Update

Just a quick update here. Progress has been slow, but things have been moving forward. I have nearly reached the 6 character goal I have set. I only have to come up with the last ability for the 6th character. Once I complete him, I will have enough characters two have two teams of 3 […]

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