Game Update

Just a quick update here. Progress has been slow, but things have been moving forward. I have nearly reached the 6 character goal I have set. I only have to come up with the last ability for the 6th character. Once I complete him, I will have enough characters two have two teams of 3 without duplicating characters. Once I hit that point, I will have to spend quite a bit of time balancing the abilities.

I also have made some progress with the character selection screen. I am making the selection screen show what each ability does in the game. It will be a lot of work but needed to help reduce the learning curve in the game. The game is a complicated one, so being able to teach the player about the game is very important. There are going to be many interesting interactions in the games mechanics, but the player cannot explore them if they don’t learn the mechanics.

I have recently contracted some work for artwork. I will post an update when I get those.


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